I Just Finished Making a Twinzer: the Gentleman's Slipper

It was really tricky to do the glass-on fins (which I made out of Birch ply). Probably spent longer on the fins than the rest of the board. First ride report from the friend who bought it was good! I've never surfed a twinzer so it was a bit of a risk and I can't wait to have a go on it.

It's the best board I've made so far. Slowly starting to get the hang of the glassing, but I was most pleased with the foil on this one. It's got a bellied nose into full width concave and then double concave with vee out through the fins to give the water a nice wooshy exit. Flattened the rocker under the feet so it should be fast under the front foot but give fun turns when weighting the back foot.

I've called this model the "Gentleman's Slipper".


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