My Second Board. My Own Design. The "Fishish".

I've finally finished my second board. Lots more mistakes and lots of learning - including the special act of drilling FCS plug holes in the wrong place (and one right through the board!). Black makes it hard to see the stringer/centre line. I had to forget the idea of a trailer fin option! It was a bit of a fancy anyway... I crossed out my mistakes. That's what I was taught to do at school.

It surfs really well. It's basically based on my Bing Dharma, but with pulled-in nose with more rocker and a slightly pulled in tail. Twin fin rather than quad so it's ended up feeling a bit like a Dharma crossed with an MR Twin I think. Yesterday I had the most amazing surf: pink sunset water, brushed head high rights chugging through at Saunton and not many out. Really found the sweet spot for my back foot between the fins thanks to the extra time on the wave that Saunton gives you.

The crucial aspect of this board was trying to copy what I loved about the foil of the Dharma: that is a thin light nose and thickest part of the board behind centre. The Dharma has a lovely balance - I've had more than one board that feel a bit 'front heavy' for me or that simply don't seem to balance nicely under my feet. The Dharma and this board - I'm delighted to say - seem to me to have a good balance. I'm thinking that the foam distribution compared to outline shape is perhaps the most key aspect to shaping a board that feels good.



  1. As individually creation, it's looking good. Really great effort.


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