Removing a GoPro Surfboard Mount

After not finding much online about how to remove a GoPro surf mount I thought I'd post pics of my effort:

So I wanted shot of the GoPro Mount that's spoiled the look of my Dharma. Firstly I heated up the mount with a hair dryer and then started carefully cutting away at the glue pad with a scalpel.

Levering it up with my thumb – the small part came up pretty quickly and easily. I was being really careful with the scalpel so as not to dig into the glass.

Just carried on digging away at the main part of the mount, which was harder and took longer. I found it better to attach the housing to grip on and pull the pad upwards as I cut away at the glue.

Eventually it released and most of the remaining glue rubbed off with my thumb.

After a wipe with a cloth and alcohol it was almost as good as new. (It is a little bumpy where the mount was and I think this may have happened while pulling and digging the mount off.) Took about half an hour altogether I guess - but wasn't too tricky.


  1. well done bro... thanks for sharing some surfing tips.

  2. Tks for posting useful information, now I know how to do it !!

  3. Hit up a buddy for some fishing braid or even use dental floss (much weaker). Use two little blocks of wood as handles and tie the braid to them about 30 length. Use a back and forth motion to steadily cut through the grey foam pad under mount for a minute or two! Mount comes off and you peel the leftover foam off board and mount. Don't bother with hairdryer...done!

  4. That sounds like a good method surfnspear. Will try that if there's a next time...

  5. go pros, the tool of the "look, I'm a surfer crowd." Cover their cars in surf stickers, buy a pop-out board, shove it in an expensive board bag, and mount a go pro on the nose facing backwards so they can take photos of themselves floundering. Then they post it on you tube as soon as they get home. pathetic.

  6. Not ready to name yourself there? Ive surfed fir 25 years and think gopros are pretty good fun.. Always nice to capture a little barrel or a fin release slidy turn :-) if it makes someone else happy why do you have to bag them for it? What makes you better than them???

  7. i am one of those newbs who posts pics and video of them floundering. but i'm still having fun. i have the older, larger style sticky mount on my board and want to remove it and will try this method.

    not sure if i should put the new style tinier sticky mount down in its place or just get the fcs plug put in the nose and use that mount..... thoughts?

  8. Its all good. Have a BBQ.

  9. Nice web site and good idea on how to get it off. I've tried just using the hairdryer and damaged the board so will try scalpal and or fishing line. Any ideas about re-glueing on?

    PS surfed for over 30 years and think the gopro is a good laugh. Often go out with mates and just drop in on each other, tackle, pull legropes etc. Old mate who is complaining must be Grandpa Simpson.


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