Knost in "Tales from the Black Van"

Al Knost in "Tales from the Black Van"

The more you get into surfing the more unreal wonderful surfing becomes: you understand more all the impossibilities and the depth of skill and ability. I just dug out "Tales from the Black Van" on DVD, not watched it for a while. Kind of got a bit hypnotized watching Alex Knost's section and the 'in tuneness' of his surfing is just unbelievable. Toes over the nose - hey wait - I mean tail, who can noseride a board backwards for crying out loud?! And a whisper of loss of balance when hanging ten just means a quick cheater five... all over the board, sliding, slipping, playing with points of balance.

Nose to tail. Just struck me that's a mantra in both cooking and surfing. If you only use the middle of your Pig - your surfing ain't cooking!


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