Nazare, Portugal: Andrew Cotton

In case you've missed it this is what our friendly North Devon plumber Andrew Cotton's been getting up to in Portugal! Hope Gulf Stream glassed that board heavily!

Along with Al Mennie and Garrett McNamara they've been towing into some waves that could be described as a little bit on the large side. It's great to see local North Devon talent getting global interest. Go to Gulf Stream's website to find out more about Cotty's boards and why not follow them on Facebook n' all.

By the way, I popped into Gulf Stream today and their new "Fastback" boards, with their fluro-artwork, look hot! Yeah! We've got some waves here too. Yeah! Looking forward to a super-duper-dawny tomorrow. Yeah! Pleurisy (just about) better, energy back, full of excitement for surfing, North Devon, waves... kick-ass!


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