Keeping Me Sane in Yorkshire

I have barely surfed in three weeks due to a triple pronged attack of onshore winds, moving from the flat we were renting and now visiting family in Yorkshire.

Thank goodness for Innersection on the laptop (and bringing One California Day and Idiosyncrasies with me on DVD): surfy visions keeping me sane and driving me mad at the same time. The Ozzy Wrong "Innersection" bit is great goofy fun and joyous surfing:

Really missing the water. It's going to be a week until my next chance to get in. And I will. Onshore windy blown out mess or not - just desperate to get wet. Feel the cold tumbles and sparkling slides again. Smell the sea air. Shoulder ache. Neoprene funk, waxing-up.... all that. Aching shoulder muscles. Salty eyes. Smiles.

The forecast is looking pretty bleak though...


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