Ear Plugs

After sitting chatting, last weekend, with a bunch of surfers who were all suffering the effects of surfers' ear I have taken my first foray into the world of earplugs.

These Sorky ear plugs appealed because they are small and are supposed to let you hear a bit better than most. However, after trying them at home I strongly believe I'm going to be getting out of the water with two ear plugs less than I began the session with - but we'll see...


  1. You get used to them. I was told I have about 90% closure in both ears, so I am religious about wearing them now. It is better than having them drilled out later. Stick with it, it gets better.
    PS - nice paintings in the last post!

  2. That sounds bad Mac! What kind of symptoms do you suffer? Did you get your ears drilled?

    My therapist told me I had 90% closure, but that's a bone of contention...

  3. No drilling as of yet. And I hear fine. But, when I surf without them, I ALWAYS get water trapped, and then an infection. Not a lot of fun.

  4. It’s a wise move to get ear plugs to protect your ears while surfing. Water may get into your ears, and sometimes, it might irritate your ear and cause infection. With ear plugs, you can be sure you can enjoy the waves without worrying about your ears. ;)


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