The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Monday's surf was fair of face,
Tuesday's surf was full of grace,
Wednesday's surf was completely leash-free,
Thursday's surf was bigger than me,
Friday's surf was awesome and wicked,
Saturday's surf was slightly insipid,
But the surf that came on the sabbath day,
Was warm and clear and fun and ended with me finding a load of crap dumped by some a-hole visitors on the grass and me putting it in my car and taking it home and putting it in my bin so I did a good turn and made less mess for everyone else so they could enjoy the beautiful sunset but it pissed me off that (probably) fellow surfers in their camper van haven could be so lazy and rude and inconsiderate as to leave their empty cans, oil, mouthwash, frying pan and so on right there, in the sunset, making everyone else furious. Week over, swell over, rant over.


  1. Well played Tom!
    Lead by example, karma will pay those fools a visit!

  2. Time to change the parking restrictions on the esplanade ? What say you ?

  3. I like seeing some campervans on the front - I think it feeds the local surfing culture aesthetic, adds value to the area and the tourist/surfing industry and it also allows some people to have a great visit when there's a swell coming in. On the other hand it gets too much: this weekend the free area was end to end campervans from Friday night and people like me don't get to park.

    My idea for a solution would be a limited number (say 6-10) of overnight stay 'tickets' to be sold from the Tourist Centre for campervans. When there are none available maybe one of the local car parks could sell tickets, or otherwise, there are plenty of nearby campsites. I don't know if this would work or could be 'policed' but I would like to see a managed solution rather than a blanket ban on overnight parking and/or campervans, or getting rid of the free parking zone.

    At least if people had to get tickets they would have to be registered by number plate and driving license so there might be more pressure to act responsibly too.

    Apart from that I think in North Devon generally there ought to be parking systems based on displaying id that benefits and allows extra parking/free parking/zones for locals.


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