Getting Through This 'Cold Snap' By Snuggling Up To My Copy of: In Search of Captain Zero

I have not surfed in weeks. After an enforced Yuletide absence from these surfy shores I have returned with a flowering tracheal infection which is keeping me out of the water. I'm not slipping back into that silvery sea until it's well and truly better. What's more Mortehoe is currently out of gas! Due to water in the supply at Woolacombe Esplanade we've had no heating or hot water since 5pm yesterday. Brrrrrrrrr! And there's no assurance that gas reinstatement is imminent.

Thank goodness for furry hats, winter duvet's and my beautiful copy of "In Search of Captain Zero" by Allan C. Weisbecker; all of which are keeping my 'spirits high and heart aglow'. I surreptitiously commandeered myself a copy just before Christmas as I could see, with dismay, that it wasn't shifting from my Amazon wish list.

Reading this book is an adventure. It's not what I expected - much more. Mr Weisbecker professes his interest in 'explorers' and that is how this book reads: as a proper exploration. An exploration equally of  South America and humanity – with surfing adopting it's position, to Mr Weisbecker, as integral part of both. The stories the author tells about his life are absolutely compelling and almost unbelievable. The guy is a 'doer' that's for sure. The bits about surfing are great, however, the real beauty lies in the structure of the book as the surfy bits nestle comfortably in amongst the human bits, the rollicking tales, the simple facts and the focus of the 'quest'. And this Weisbecker fellah has some right rip-roaring tales to tell of his lear-jet riddled dope running days...

Buy the book. If you don't like it I'll refund you myself. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea...


  1. I love this book too...although have a great recommendation for you - MP is also a great read (bio of Micheal Peterson) , which I am currently reading. Also have you read Kem Nunn - Dogs of Winter. Classic trashy surf noir - a MUST read. In fact may have to do a post on it !


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