Perfect (Well, for me at least. I mean it's not J-Bay but...)

The picture is from Eyeball Surfcheck. Dropped my daughter off at school and then paddled into the best surf I've seen curling into Combesgate. According to surf convention I was indeed most terribly 'stoked'. Charred. And so on...

I wouldn't have believed when I started out five months ago that I was so close to a day's surfing like this. Two surfs. Morning surf on the pushing tide (when this picture was taken), quiet, fantastic. Evening surf, bit busy, beautiful sunset, caught my biggest ever wave (about 4ft probably, felt like 6).

PS. Trev - The Gate (in the evening) was so busy I don't think many people checked out Puts "for a slightly smaller wave"!


  1. Glad you had a good one Tom! It was busy at The Gate , but well worth it and the sunset was indeed spectacular!


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