My Dream Board and Tom Wegener

As I mentioned before I cannot help but think about my next board and what boards I may surf and would like to surf in the future. My immediate thoughts throw up things like: Loose-Fit Cab Quad, Merrick Robber and Fishcuit, McTavish Fireball, Aviso Dick Van Straalen Rocket Fish and so on...

A couple of weeks ago, after watching Sprout, I dreamt that I met Tom Wegener and he made me a wooden fish. Thus: this became my dream board. My goal: to surf one. And then what happened? I went into Surfed Out and there it was! A wooden Wegener fish. A beautifully constructed, completeley wooden, chambered, glass-on finned, fish. I took a couple of photographs of the beauty.

I love the idea of a completely wooden surfboard. At least I did until I felt how heavy it was! Woooooaaaa! How's that gonna surf?! Maybe one day I'll find out....

In the meantime, as I quickly learn about surfing and begin to discover surfing heroes, I am starting a series of charcoal and chalk sketches of Tom Wegener longboarding. Here's a picture of the first one underway. The way he surfs in Sprout is joyous, absolutely. The guy oozes style and total immersion. His love of surfing is so exciting whether he's talking about Alaias or ridiculously long boards he draws you in with his passion.

Here he is with Jim Carrey:

Oh no, hold on, that's from Dumb and Dumber. Oh well that's kind of what he looks like anyway. Oh wait, here he is (from a Patagonia clip on YouTube). Or is that the guy from Dumb and Dumber again? I dunno...

Anyway, here's to Tom Wegener and his wooden craft...


  1. Haha! Sweet looking Fish! A friend of mine has a Tom Wegener alaia board. It's the only "real" alaia board I've ever seen since everyone around here are making their own. The Wegener alaia is pretty light weight and is actually very stable "if" you can paddle into a wave on it. LOL... enjoyed the post man!

  2. Have written so many comments lately, but my wife is always logged in to blogger, so I never get round to completing them. Great posts recently , really enjoyed the blog, and your points are so damn lucid and accurate !!! Made me smile. Don't hold fire too long on getting a board, just dive in then chop and change, I think its all a good experience. The Wegener is without doubt a beauty but don't be too purist
    : ) its amazing what you can get for c. £200 at the end of season.

  3. Cheers for the comments. Yep in reality - I've got my eyes peeled for something like a second hand Gulf Stream Rocket Fish or Funboard about 6'10 to 7'. Actually it's going to have to be a winter wetsuit first probably but I'll have to save up...

  4. Hey Easy
    Enjoyed the surf with you yesterday.
    Whilst learning, remember the classic the board that gets you the most waves.
    More time riding, increases pleasure and speeds up learning.
    Then go for the different lengths and shapes.
    Keep on sliding

  5. Sad thing is, i have it on good authority that it doesn't surf that great!
    seaworthy, the present & lines from a poem have as much wegener footage as you could wish to see. Oh and you must buy/ see siestas & olas if you haven't already, vintage wegener!

  6. Yep - I'd been told the same. It sure is heavy. Thanks for the DVD tips.


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