Saturday 13th June: Paddle4Relief

About Paddle4Relief: Paddle4Relief was formed shortly after the 2004 Asian Tsunami. It is a local charity in Devon who, every year since the disaster, hold a sponsored paddle and form a circle of remembrance, at Saunton Beach, for the forgotten victims. The monies raised go towards empowering the local community of Arugam Bay, a village on the south east coast of Sri Lanka, regularly visited by P4R Founder, Tim Tanton.

You can just make out the surfers paddling around the point between Saunton and Croyde:

Back at Saunton the sun fought off the clouds that threatened and some lovely waves had a lot of boards, and some excellent surfers, heading towards them:

Read more about Paddle4Relief here.


  1. This is weird... a week or so back I found your blog and pointed it out to my mates... we came down to Croyde the weekend just gone and guess where we were on Saturday 13th? Yup, smack back in the middle of your picture (the group with the bright yellow board at the back and me just slightly ahead with the big white lump of a board)

    You seem to have made a labelling mistake, however, as "excellent" is kind of flouting a few trade description laws ;-) "barely competent" is probably pushing it a bit far, to be honest.

    I can tell you didn't see us in the water then!

  2. Ha ha! What a coincidence. Hope you enjoyed the day - there were some nice waves.

    Oh, my solicitor would like to assert the lack of formal definition that the 'surfers' photographed are in fact the very same 'excellent surfers' described in the text. You've even got someone in the middle with a boogie-board! We'll get there in the end though - see you hangin' ten next year...

  3. Yeah and catching the boogie boarder on her one trip into the water all long weekend was also an immensely good effort ;-)

    Monday at Wooly was the best conditions of all weekend for us (actually I'm told early Friday at Saunton was just as good but only 2 of our group were there then)

    Keep the blog going chap, good reading. We're back down in September for another long weekend, by which point I expect to see you pulling sick stunts on a 6' fish, yeah? ;-)


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