Stoke Is...

...seeing your daughter catch the first little wave ever surfed on the first surfboard you've made yourself!


  1. That is amazing and I almost feel stoked too. I've spent the last few weeks dipping in and out of your blog whilst working from home as I await the arrival of my 2nd child.
    I moved to devon 2 years ago now so I could just stop holidaying here and focus on my surfing. Your blog has provided me with many highs and lows (excuse the pun) that I can, have, do and will completely relate to.
    This pic really got me though as my 4yr old daughter is yet to catch the bug of the ocean and I'm keen not to push it but hope she see's my face one day after watching her catch her first push.
    Keep up the blog and good luck with the new shaping shack.

  2. No doubt they are really great surfers. I like this video performance. Really interesting as they trying to move faster than the big sea waves for a long time again and again. Very impressive. I do surfing but not so expert at all and I can remind a blog which gave me the right suggestion to make boarding so simple to me.


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