"Spirit of Akasha" - Andrew Kidman & Albert Falzon Project

What an exciting project: Andrew Kidman and Ablert Falzon working on a new movie/soundtrack project based on "The Morning of the Earth". Follow the progress of "Spirit of Akasha" here. I'd seen pictures of Mick Fanning heading out on a MOTE single fin but didn't realise it was part of this project until now.

Mick Fanning getting all MP

"The Morning of the Earth" is a special film, way more than just its iconic Michael Peterson sequence (including what's become known as "the cutback",) and Andrew Kidman's movies like "Lost in the Ether" and "Litmus" are also very significant and thorough investigations into surfy expressions and lives. We're all getting frothy about the upcoming "Tyler Warren Experiments" movie, however, this project is getting me all sweaty-forehead and feverish with excitement! Andrew Kidman gives such calm yet passionate attention to his work, with a beauty and care that's simply about a deep love of surfing that "Spirit of Akasha" can't help but be something fantastic! I doubt there's any talk of dates yet though: I would think that the investigations need to run their course at a pace/pattern that comes organically to its end. Looking forward...

Singlefinning Heath Joske can't resist the Soul Arch!
"Surfing evokes in us a deep connection with our soul and identifies something that is beyond imagination — beyond words — it gives to us love and beauty — unconditionally and asks nothing in return. 
When you ride a wave — you enter another zone. A place so peaceful and perfect, a place you know so well, a place beyond any realm in the outside world. Timeless and formless — where everything is so perfect — you want nothing else. Riding a wave is the magnetic attraction that keeps up linked to other worlds. I am That and That is the Spirit of Akasha." by Albert Falzon


  1. You want timeless and formless stoke? Have you seen this guys skate and surf vids from the 70's? He's got some great footage.




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