What the!!!!?

New steed (from Guy at Board Barn): Quiver 'Bumble Bart' 6'2. Yep, what the hell? Sold my soul to Satan! It's a path I want to go down for a while. In only the best waves of course. (It's a nice smooth rounded pin shape with a bit more volume in it and width in the nose than a standard thruster - but should work well in overhead more sucky surf.)

And Monday: well, everyone on the beach was exploding with vibrant stoke after a flat lunchtime preceeded a well overhead clean evening of surprisingly fantastic waves.

The thruster (I feel a little odd just mentioning 'thruster') went beautifully. Feeling more neutral than my other boards it fell nicely into a couple of very steep drops. It worked just right and I couldn't believe I'd only had to wait a couple of days for the sort of waves I bought it for. It certainly wants to turn... and quickly!

As Richard Kenvin said "we can ride whatever we want". Everyone surfs a Simmons or a Fish but we mustn't let this prevalence thoughtlessly allow us to forget our surfing heritage! There was a time when the thruster was the norm, everyones daily go-to board. The boards we surf now have great glide and drive, yes, but these curiously narrow tailed thrustery things have a functionality that just kind of works and let you get your back foot right in the wave. I dare you to dust off your Grandad's old thruster and give it a go! Ha haaa...


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