Sharkbait Surf Report Social App for iPhone

I received an email the other day from James at where they've developed a social surf report application for the iPhone.

This is what James has to say about it:

The idea behind the app is more community based, allowing a community of surfers to share surf reports all day. When you get to the beach you add a quick report using selectors on the app and all your friends will see it. So if you're in Woolacombe you might be able to see what the waves are like from friends in Saunton, Westwood Ho!, Croyde, Lynmouth etc. So it saves phoning around everyone or driving around everywhere depending on the conditions.

Not everyone can see your reports, only your friends. So you can keep secret "going off" messages just between a small group of you! However since it's been launched most people in Brighton have loved the idea of just sharing their reports with everyone and befriended all locals! The more friends you have the more reports you see! Use it however you choose!

It looks pretty good to me - sounds useful and fun. Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone right now so I've not tried it out. So North Devon folk with an iPhone and the inclination - give it a whirl!


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