Moving Footage at Last, Proof, Flesh on the Bones of this Surfery-Bloggery

After nearly three years of blathering on about myself and how I may or may not be able to surf I've bitten the bullet and splashed out on a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera. Finally some actual moving proof of a despicably average surfer. I popped out yesterday at Woolacombe in some very chilly and little - but nice and clean - waves. Caught about five or six in an hour before work and cobbled together some of it here. It will serve to help give a feel as to what the average UK surfer might experience when they grab some wintery water time. It ain't like the movies...

Next time I'll try and point the camera marginally higher! Actually, I'm not even really that keen on the nose mounted angle. It seems rather narcissistic and makes everyone's footage look a bit similar and familiar. I'm more looking forward to just getting some water photographs and footage just hand-held. (What is really nice is looking though all the frames at the odd splashy more abstract bits.)

The GoPro works nicely though. It steamed up a bit inside after 45mins or so (people stick absorbent silica in the housing to help with this). This was shot on 1280x960 (although you can't tell after Vimeo's compression) and edited using iMovie.


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