Gear Review: Big Plastic Bucket

Singularly the best and most invaluable piece of surfing equipment I own: The Big Plastic Bucket.

I think I'm just about ready to post reviews and I thought I'd get the ball rolling with this. Unfortunately I'm not even sure what brand it is. Or if it even has a brand? I haven't used a blue one, or a yellow one, or even a green one so I can't make comparison. One wonderful thing that I do know - to paraphrase Andy Warhol - is that not even Kelly Slater can get a better one than me.

It doesn't let water out. I can fit my wetsuit, boots, leash, towel... er... wet dog... er... er... you get the picture - just loads of stuff - into it. It hasn't broken yet. The design is good in that it is the right shape to hold things and then, as a free upgrade, they put handles on it! Even the basic model has handles. Actually, I'm not even sure if this is top of the range or a budget model? I can't even remember where I bought it. How am I doing? Does this sound like a well thought out and thorough review from a seasoned surfer?

If you haven't got one, and you've got wet stuff... I'd get one.

Next week I may move on and dare to review the humble towel.


  1. Hi

    Lovely bucket. I have a green one!

    I am trying to get my own blog up and running.Could you take a look and link me in if you like what you see.



  2. Well reviewed...loved it so much I just bought my own.


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