Dawny Images

It's an odd and mildly adventurous feeling getting into a cold, dank, dark car with your expedition equipment. Surfing gear plus my own personal dawny essentials: thermos of strong coffee, banana, water and glucose drink.

Setting off with just car lights and the radio as accompaniment.

At this point I was wondering if it was actually going to count as a dawny! The morning light creeping over the horizon, revealing the new morning misty-damp countryside. Will there be waves? Is this a doomed mission?! Or will I be rewarded with glistening surfy treasure?

There were head-high waves and the rewards of uncrowded peaks. It wasn't spectacular though and, to be honest, the surf was probably better on my regular beach.

However, the point of a dawny is - I believe - to raise the stakes. Let's make this interesting, as they say in gambling circles. Add to the experience of surfing by giving it a whiff of adventure. The possibility of greater bounty, but with the added danger of greater effort leading only to failure and misery. There's a bit more discipline and planning involved, along with the simple pain of getting up early (which for me, as a confirmed lazy bastard, is tricky to confront). How dare I mention early in winter! A winter dawny raid can be performed in relative comfort at this time of year. I barely had to get up before 6am! Cushty really. Adventurer? Pah! Still, as I step out of the front door into the black and feel that night riddled air, I can't help but feel like I'm a nervously excited explorer off to shady and mysterious uncharted territories... just a little.


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