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The 6'0 Simster has become a 'quiver killer'. I've had so many waves on it, it's so buoyant, paddly, fast, glidey - it feels like cheating. But I've realised that's not wrong. When I took my 5'10 Fish out again I had a lovely couple of waves on it. But that's it - a couple. The Simster and my improvement has had me discover that my quiver is completely wrong for me now. I want lots of waves. Lots. The good days are so few and far between here in Devon that when they come you want to be getting more than your share. Surfing shouldn't be all struggle. Your chances of getting a wave should be more than 50-50. Learning to ride the wave, make the sections, cut back to the foamball, find some moves. I've got a feel for the boards under my feet at last and I know what I want.

So, for sale:

One lovely Gulf Stream 5'10 Speed Dialler Quad with Lokbox fins/boxes:
5'10 x 20.5" x 2 3/8"
Condition: normal compression dents on top and just three very mild dents on the magic side. No performance affecting damage.

And one delicious 7'0 Diplock Thruster:
£300 (including board bag and leash).
This board is a perfect step down from a larger Mini Mal if you want to progress to shorter board surfing or just if you're a big bloke looking for a bit of float.
Condition: compression dents on the top, bottom is flawless, some normal cracking and repair to the tail edge.

Call me on 07780713282 or email through this blog.


  1. Reckon the Diplock should be a keeper for you...should be pretty nice for bigger stuff ? Just a thought.

  2. Hi Ho!ward. You're right. But, if I sell it I'm thinking of a 6'9 Widowmaker shape to replace it.. for the big stuff. That's just reminded me of a track I love and haven't listened to in years: Vicky Anderson, "Mr Big Stuff". Wonderful.

  3. You still selling speed dialer? If so, can you email me


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