The European Fish Fry at Crackington Haven, Sept 17th, Hey - That's This Weekend!!!

Brought to you by Royal and Friend of Mine it's the fifth annual European Fish fry - this weekend. (As if you didn't know already...)

If you've been bemoaning the demise of your local fish market then it's time to make merry with a whole eye-poppingly lush load of fishy fun. There are gonna be buckets of fish. So get on your best oilskins and get down there!

It seems there's going to be a lot going on with boards, shapers, surfy-art, music, film screenings all to be washed down with a little atlantic saline solution and the odd Mojito.

It looks like there's gonna be some swell - hooray! But, gasp/surprise, onshore wind.... feckin' typical...


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