The "Speed Square" Eh?

Where's the Paipo-y, Simmonsyness all gonna end?


  1. This looks like the end or close to it - length wise that is. I think it looks a little short, super fun looking wave and the board is compromising performance a little I think, a bit more rail length would come in handy, and for me, be more fun to surf.

    If it's the challenge to see how short you can go then I see the point, and this is pretty impressive, board building and surfing.

  2. I Love this Vid, and reckon the Dharma would be the one for me. That said, its possibly the wave that is making it look really fun and CDM's beard is always a winner. Sorry, but I am going to have to reblog this as I missed it , and like watching again and again. Nicely shot heh?

  3. Yeah - it's a sweet little production!

    I should have said in my post that Adam at Trim Surfboards brought a couple of 4'6 Speed Squares over here (they came and went). He'd be the person to get in touch with for anyone who wants to try and get hold of one.


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