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Where else for that delicious fin for your log? He's also got the new "Sight Sound" Mikey DeTemple DVD in stock. Ger-on, have a look an' treat yerself!


  1. Did you get the DVD? What did you think?

  2. It's too short. Beautifully produced. Some lovely surfing sections, Canada in the snow, Bar of Soap being surfed (can't wait to see you surfing yours like that!), the obligatory Burch & his Chunk-O-Foam. In my opinion it's nothing compared with Picaresque though. Missing the 'other bits' in between the surfing & the edgy-electro-colourful-taste and feel. I prefer surf films, generally, that include a bit of context. (One California Day, Sprout, Singlefin Yellow etc.) Overall, after one watch of it, I'm a little bit disappointed. It's too straightforward.

    I only just noticed there's quite a lot of 'context' in the 'extras'. The 'extras' in fact add up to much longer than the actual film & since I only got the DVD this morning I've not had time to watch them yet. But I still prefer all that stuff to be woven into the actual movie...

  3. I should've reserved judgement. There's a lot to enjoy in the 'extras' sections – this DVD may be spending more time in the player than I originally thought...


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