Snuffling for Rainbows

The Hydrodynamica Simster came into it's own at Saunton the other morning in 2-4, occasional 5ft messy, lumpy surf. Cruised along in the flat sections until the reforms, dived into the troughs, scooting, gliding fun with one particularly nice bottom turn/swoop & up to the closing out foam. Easy paddling and some fast times in between the inevitable kook-iness.

I'd like to iron out more of the flailing around and cocked-up pop-ups. I'm becoming a serial head-shaker. Like a bloody nodding dog trying desperately to make all my fans on the beach know that I expected to make that. That I'm disappointed in myself for missing that wave. I'm better than that, everyone, really... and I would certainly have expected not to fall off at that point. A highly unusual pop up to the knees, for example. Head-shake. Head-shake. For chrissake, what am I doing!? Bloody kook... Quit the head shaking for goodness sake.

I walked out of the water in total love with this board. I kept looking at it on the way back up the beach; a bit like when you've kissed someone for the first time and you keep kind of looking at them afterwards, glancing, to remind yourself that it really just happened.


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