6'0 Simster: all the way from San Diego

The board has a cute hulled nose (a bit on the asymmetric side so it's certainly hand shaped!) going into 50-50 and then hard rails at the tail. The nose isn't as scooped out as I thought it would be (like the Caspers). The finishing isn't nearly as perfect as Phoenix Glassing/Diplock or Gulf Stream but it is EPS. I'm not sure how much difference EPS should make to the finish - but it's harder to work with apparently. It's super light - it feels lighter than my 5'10 Speed Dialler - and a really fun looking shape. I just can't wait to try it. Unfortunately the forecast is looking sketchy but maybe a swell Tuesday.

As you can see the board's shaped by Hank Warner and he's written Revolver on it because John Isaac of Revolver and Adam from Trim Surfboards organised bringing them over - thanks guys - it sounds like the operation wasn't all glide! (They also had one of the asymmetrics designed with Carl Ekstrom there which looked great.)

I was tempted by a Casper but this board is more versatile and should fit nicely between my 5'10 and the big 7'0 thruster.


  1. Thanks Steve! But really, all I did was pay for it. My new 'baby' is nothing compared with your new baby though. Hope she's strengthening up & will get home soon. Hey, I know a guy who could paint a nice driftwood name sign for her bedroom door...


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