Water: "the medium of life." This triangle is water's alchemical symbol. It is necessary for all life and was one of the four alchemical 'elements' along with fire, air and earth. (Don't dismiss alchemy as an irrelevant ancient folly: C G Jung, for example, thought that there was a deep relationship between the symbolic language and rituals of alchemy, it's quest for transformation, and our human psyche and sub/unconscious depths.) Our relationship with the water must be more significant than a little bit of fun? There's always a lot bubbling under the surface. We play out our carbon based lives in general – and our surfing time specifically – in water. I think the significance of water must be part of the deep pleasure of surfing. Maybe I want too much from surfing? I'm finding it more than just 'sport' anyway - more deeply rooted.


  1. Nice post, I can totally relate. I think this is why windsurfing is now so limiting for me. To actually be in the water rather than on it, gives me a lot deeper buzz, not a million miles away from what I used to get with climbing.


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