Though Shalt Not Covet...

Boards and shapes. Functionality and enrichment of our surfy times. A longboard allows you to surf differently from a shortboard and all the rest is a finesse. Here are a few of the boards which are occupying my thoughts and excite me due to their fun ideas and postmodern jiggery-pokery...

(I met this one of Rob Lion's Incut Fish in the water at Combesgate. It looked like fun, was thicker than I thought - solid in the tail. Looked built to last. Rob's got to be one of the most compelling surfboard shapers in this country: interesting, inventive and fun shapes along with beautiful graphics/glassing work.)

When I started surfing I thought surfboard shapes and shapers were all shaped-out. That modern surfboard design had everything covered. Wrong.

But I know - these are all for fun. For enrichment of our sliding times by surfy-character but exciting the brain too. We don't need them. We shouldn't covet them. But we love them. Big thanks to all the shapers, graphic artists and glassers who are highlighting our surfing lives with glistening pleasures, differences, intonations and sing-song shapes. I want to taste as many as I can - but will never forget that I'll be ok if there's a wave and I've got any surfboard at all, some time and my health.


  1. I think your last word is the most poignant. I love shapes too, and the new mini whatever i made...seemed to fly today...really fun...but without good health its all nothing.

  2. Well said, sir. We live in one of the most exciting times for shaping.


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