2011: The Year of The Museum of British Surfing

So it's 2011 and the year that the Museum of British Surfing will open it's doors. Pete Robinson's been throwing his heart and soul in to the project since 2003 and now, thanks to all his (and his friends') efforts we are due to be the recipients of Europe's first surf museum. Right here in Braunton - the surfing hub of our Westcountry surfiness.

The museum is due to be opening in late May. Although the project will not be opening on quite as grand a scale as Pete had originally envisioned the location of the museum is perfect. As I understand it the museum will be a centre for exhibiting parts of the collection at a time whilst other parts go off on surfari in travelling exhibitions around the country.

One of the best things to happen to me since I started surfing was the opportunity of helping Mat Stillo at Goto11 build the new website at www.museumofbritishsurfing.org.uk - partly stemming from a combo of me donating a couple of 80's wetsuits to Pete (Gul windsurfing wetties, one particularly garish!) and a chance meeting with a friend of Mat's in the surf (thanks Steve).

What we're getting here shouldn't be underestimated. Not only has Pete amassed a wonderful collection of surf clutter, but the museum will be a wonderful asset to the community and North Devon as a whole.

Happy New Year everyone and cheers Pete!

If you don't follow the Museum of British Surfing on Facebook already then follow this link and do it!


  1. Excellent, Thos. I will frequent the site often! It is about time a Surfing Museum open there. I look forward to visiting it.


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