Not Every Day is a New Board Day!

Picked up a secondhand Gulf Stream 5'10 Speed Dialler today. Totally stoked! The very next wave - over knee high - that hits these shores is gonna have me on it!!!

(Actually, there is a little nervousness as I'm aware it could be too small for me but fingers crossed it's not...)


  1. Thanks Dave, if I had a choice I wouldn't have chosen for the squiggly black lines but I like that it's yellow. I heard somewhere that, for surfboards, yellow is the fastest colour!

  2. beautiful looking sled ! what was the damage (how much)

  3. It's sitting here taunting me! Bleedin' sea seems to have frozen over it's so flat. It set me back £275 quid. It's a bit lumpy on top but the magic side's almost perfect, rails & tail clean and it included lokbox fins so I think that's ok. Get used to this one and I should be on my way & the world will be my oyster! Next stop a custom Biofoam Quad Mini-Simmons?! Incut Fish? Old school thruster? Who knows...

  4. yellow is for sure the fastest. I wouldn't worry about it being too small unless you are 6'5". Your fish should be 6" shorter than you.


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