One Percent for the Planet

[one percent] of the story from 1% for the Planet on Vimeo.

Whether you've heard of the 1% for the Planet organisation or not it's probably worth watching this short movie about it. If you run a business then please think about becoming part of it. My business is now a member and will be donating to support Surfers Against Sewage this year.

From 1% for the Planet's website:
Not long ago, a mountain climber and a fisherman realized they had a lot more in common than a disdain for wearing a suit to work. Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, were also passionate environmentalists that happened to be running successful businesses. More important, they understood it was good business to protect the natural resources that kept them in business. And the rest is history...


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