Don't Be a Dick

From Doug Werner's "Guide to Longboard Surfing" comes perhaps the best bit of surfing advice that I have read so far: don't be a dick!

To provide a bit of context he's talking about surfing etiquette in general and specifically about the longboarder who sits on the outside hogging all the waves and not letting the shortboarders have a fair share of the spoils:

"As a longboarder you must make a decision to be either a dick or a decent surfing citizen."

Nice one Doug! Straight to the point and brought a smile to my face...

Apart from that the little book's not got all that much depth to it (it covers learning from scratch). But I'm happy to devour any information and tips that I can get my hands on at the moment. There was a pretty useful little bit about cross-stepping that has helped me in the water for sure. I just liked the fun way it was written too and it only cost a couple of quid, second hand, so it was a good buy just to get a few nuggets of wisdom from.


  1. How Goes the Longboard?

    and How about the short board?

  2. I take it that the book wasn't very widely published or read by most longboarders then! ;-)

  3. Dave - had a great sunset session on the longboard the other day thanks. Gradually getting more control over surfing it off the tail and then moving towards the nose. Reasonable swell forecast for the weekend so I may try out a shortboard or two!

    Mat - ha ha! Yeah, probably not...

  4. sounds awesome sunset surfing is always nice

    Have fun surfing the weekend dude.
    let me know how you get on with the shortie

  5. The communist 'share and share alike' theory of surfing always cracks me up, like how many people apply the same concept to their finances?

    Some mega rich old bloke was moaning at me a while back because he couldn't catch any waves and he wasn't happy so blamed me because i could. . .suggesting that I go away so that he could have his share. I replied that he worked hard for decades to make his pile of money, but didn't gain surfing skills, whereas i gained surfing skills through hard work over decades but not a lot of money. Based on that I offered to vacate the area if he'd share the contents of his wallet with me. . . . it turned out that he likes money more than waves as I suspected .

    My suggestion is stop teling people what to damn well do, OK ???



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