The Dangers of Stargazing

And so, due to a lack of paying attention to other signs, due to relying on my watching of the stars on Magic Seaweed, due to not reading the pressure maps for myself, blind optimism and not opening my eyes properly: I found myself, in my wetsuit, at Saunton Sands at 6.30 this morning. The 3ft clean lines I'd been so excited about for days hadn't turned up. It was like being stood up on a date.

After so many weeks of surfy mish-mash and a fun warm-up in clean 1-2ft waves at The Gate yesterday I was sooooooo looking forward to this morning. I returned home dry, reeking of sweaty wetuit fug and depressed.

Let's hope the optimistic forecast for the end of next week brings something fun...


  1. Read the charts Tom, they are all you need!

  2. hey dude - long time reader, first time comment. just wanted to say thanks for a cool blog. like your style. you got soul ;) keep it up. good for us landlocked ones. TomC

  3. All the disappointment is made up for when you arrive to clean, uncrowded lines. Keep up the search, even without the sites telling you if it will be good. Let a little magic happen. Great blog too!


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