World of Foam

Yet another Puts paddle from Hell yesterday. All I could see in the distance was a horizon made of tubing waves and flying boards. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the outside and caught one yesterday evening!

It was like a sea of Matey.

So why go in fully knowing you're never going to get out back? I wasn't the only one: so there must be something significant about pushing on and undertaking an impossible task. I guess you just have to experience these knock-backs and ego-rinses to shuffle your attitude and outlook (and learn more from experiencing failure than by not taking part).


  1. Take the rip out by the Cliffs. It saves a good deal of the paddling you would have to do if launch from the beach further down. The rocks are your friends.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll try it out next time - if I ever brave Putsborough again that is!


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