Untitled Miki Dora Project, Movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio

While scouring the interweb for all things Miki Dora I have found that there is currently a hollywood movie in development! Here's a link to the brief bit of info on IMDB.com. I think it's to be based on the book "All for a Few Perfect Waves" by David Rensin.

If you look at Leonardo DiCaprio's page on IMDB it is listed under his name as a project of his. Further internet scouring has found that this is old news as it was posted by Surfer's Village in 2004. Well it may be old but it's exciting news to me today. The writer is supposed to be D.V. DeVincentis who wrote the screenplays for High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank (that sounds promising), I can't find if there's a director assigned and Leonardo DiCaprio's going to be playing Miki Dora.

Should we be excited or repulsed by the idea? I bet Miki himself would have been equally split. However, it seems to suit Miki's personality and life to end up having a Hollywood film made about him; especially starring  a proper Hollywood male star/icon/sex-symbol etc. I know I'll look forward to it and watch it. We all know it'll probably be a load of old tosh. Just hope they do it in a retro technicolor Beach Party way!


  1. I'm in kahoots with the great Tubesteak of Malibu and he told me, 'no one in their right mind would pay to see this movie'. I disagree if they can make a movie about Dogtown I'm sure they could do one on Da Cat. It would sure be funnier!

  2. Sounds good to me. I'd go see it.

  3. They need a much better looking actor than DiCaprio to play Miki Dora!! Much Better!

  4. If they do make a movie, they should call it "Surf Nazi" because Miki was the greatest surf nazi ever to walk the nose. He lived and breathed surfing and his life was fully and unconditionally devoted to it.

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