Surfing Bad No.13: Surfing - Should Be Working

The Seedling; before grabbing my board and paddling out at Combesgate. Clean, crisp, curling little beauties - all on my own. Tired shoulders but easy paddling, the occasional surf-rainbow, smooth faces, cold face. Now a strong, sweet coffee, post-winter-surf-glow and the end of, and extras on, The Seedling.

Should've been working. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad surfing.


  1. At least you got out there.... I haven't surfed in two weeks and am starting to feel really guilty for neglecting the ocean. It's been so cold here in Florida that my 3/2 just won't cut it anymore. But surfing bad waves still beats working!

  2. Doesn't sound too bad your end - I'm trotting out, through the hail, into 7°C water in a 5/4 with gloves and a vest/hood combo!


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