Pesky Shoulder. Fantastic Waves.

On Saturday I knew I was not going to be surfing: my shoulder is hurting (not the aforementioned serratus anterior injury but a more annoying and concerning shoulder pain from the year's surfing exertions) and the waves were too big for little me. May I take this opportunity to advise anyone taking up surfing: do yoga, press-ups and generally warm, stretch and strengthen your shoulder muscles as much as possible because it is they, more than any other, that feel the strain of a surfing passion.

Anyway, back to Saturday. The forecast had been good so I planned watching on Saturday afternoon. In the morning I took my daughter swimming.

Then slipped in a delicious bacon sandwich:

And then got to the point:

Where my wife, daughter and I sat and watched some thumping waves and great surfing. I was surprised to see so many longboards out frolicking in the 5-8ft beauties. The weather was surprisingly warm for February. Best non-surfing 'surfing day' that I've had!

The stoke was surrounding the UK like the Ready Brek Kid on Saturday:


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