Happy Valentine's Day for Me

Courtesy of my lovely wife...

Just wondering - is Joel Tudor in every surfing DVD?


  1. Classic film, follow it up with Sprout, if you haven't already got it.

  2. One of my all time faves

    You'll want a log soon, mark my words!

  3. Soon! I'm thinking of waxing up the nose of my Mal in desperation!!! Every time I drive through Braunton I hope Loose-Fit have a shortboard on their stand outside so I don't get all covetous of a resin tinted log! Today was a McTavish Fireball Evolution - bah! I want one. But I can't afford one and I couldn't do one justice in the water yet either. Soon though. Soon(ish) I'm sure I'll be trimming past you on a long Saunton wave with a hang five and a high five and a grin the length of an Olo!


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