Just Dug Out My Old Gordon & Smith Fibreflex Skateboard

A fit of retrospectivity has encouraged me to post these pictures of my old skateboard that I just recovered from the darkest depths of my parents' garage. Garish airbrush job (that I was very proud of doing myself) and 80's windsurfing stickers courtesy of my teenage years.

The sticker is coming loose and it's all a bit tatty, but the board just got an enthusiastic response from my friend Adam when he noticed it sitting in the corner of the room. He happened to be wearing his Vans today and I think there was some kind of a metaphysical connection! Oh yes "I had ACS 651 trucks" he said with a nostalgia that was palpable...


  1. Impressed to see the Hood Sticker...Hood never really broke into Windsurfing sails. Although I talked the loft owner in Victoria, B.c. to swap all my material panels on a 5.2 for monofilm ! The sail looked awesome but never really perfromed the same again : )


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