A Windy Reconnaissance Mission

After getting blown out of the water, for what seems like weeks (with only the odd, very messy, surf grabbed here and there,) I thought I needed to venture further afield to see if I could find somewhere that would be working on a windy day like today. The beaches I normally surf on were blown to pieces.

So far my surfing has progressed fairly quickly but I didn't take my board. Even if I found somewhere, I thought, I'm not ready to just paddle out and stake my claim for a wave on an unfamiliar break. I was delighted to find a place that was surfable. Plenty of surfers were going out and it looked tricky, so there was no regret in leaving my board at home - I was just happy to pull my hood up, watch and share the stoke.

It was all shortboards, thrusters and twin fish, the odd single fin, but no mals or longboards in sight. Not a place to paddle into today unless you were intermediate / expert. The waves were 3-5ft, the odd one larger perhaps, the paddle out and currents looked tricky too (partly due to unfamiliarity, I'm sure). One day though...


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