How Big Were the Waves Yesterday Mate? How long is a piece of string...

Good grief it's hard to discuss wave size with anyone! How do you measure the size of a wave? I didn't know you could have such pangs of doubt simply discussing the conditions in which you slid your way towards the shore!

It seems that different people will describe the wave size on a specific day with quite some variance. If you are discussing the waves (plural) try to go by the average wave size rather than the biggest waves in a set. If you are describing a specific wave you caught probably take off at least a foot because what feels to me like a 6ft wave is, I think, more commonly talked about as a 4-5ft wave. If you are watching someone else on a specific wave that is probably the easiest way to judge. You can also describe different areas of the wave: a wave might have a 5ft peak, 4ft wall...

The main rule is that, when describing the wave you were on, for once in life: it's cooler to be conservative.

I now tend to say the waves were 1-2ft while holding my hand demonstratively above my head - I'm hoping that makes me look exceptionally cool, frighteningly brave and pretty mysterious all at the same time!


  1. In my small goldfish bowl of stoke, it comes down to three categories;

    1] Small and fun; anything from ankle to shoulder high
    2] A GOOD size; shoulder to head high and solid
    3] BIG; says it all!


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