Surfing Bad No.10: Trying on Winter Wetsuits

Today I went to Braunton with the intention of buying a winter wetsuit after trying loads on. My word it's bleedin' hard work! I tried on five and gave up (and I think five was pretty good going considering I hadn't warmed-up or 'carb loaded' for the exertion). After struggling into two I was already knackered and sweating like a fat bloke in a sauna.

I looked like Mr Incredible in the Xcel because the shoulders were too big for me. I punched myself in the face by mistake trying to get into a C-Skins (which was a better fit). Tired, I copped out of trying on an O'Neill PsychoFreak - because I couldn't really afford it anyway. In the end I went for a West Lotus even though I felt like Harry Houdini getting in and out of it - but it was a comfy fit and...

... Loose Fit gave me a good deal on a new board with it too! (I think the free coffee swung it...)


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