What is the Collective Noun for Surfers?

At Saunton yesterday there were a lot of surfers hunting a few little waves. I was wondering what the collective noun is for surfers? Because when it's a good day out, a friendly small group enjoying some good waves it feels nice: it feels like a pod of surfers. On Sunday it didn't feel so good: more like a swarm of surfers.

Here are some other suggestions:
  1. A vomit of surfers (on a messy day maybe)
  2. An acne of surfers (lots of kids out)
  3. A sparkle of surfers (beautiful evening surf or dawny, not too busy)
  4. A jetsam of surfers (tourists about)
  5. A shoal of surfers (lots of twin, quad or other fish variations in the water)
  6. A forest of surfers (there's some logging going on)
Any other suggestions welcome...


  1. How about a "Gaggle" of surfers (for when the experienced surfers are clashing with the beginners)?
    Enjoyed your blog post!

  2. a break of surfers?
    a swell of surfers?

  3. What is a collective noun for skateboarders?


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