Currently Listening to: Naked City (as usual...)

While the waves have been quieter, my tibial collateral ligament recovering and family causing life chaos I haven't been surfing.

Allow me the indulgence of spreading the beauty that is John Zorn and one of his many bands Naked City. I saw them live in 1990 or 1991 in Leicester and it's possibly the best gig I ever went to. So experimental, noisy, exciting and at the same time incredibly well produced, played and executed. Everyone should hear Naked City - if you like Jazz, Rock and Thrash Metal there's going to be something in there for you. The seminal Naked City album of the same name, featuring a cult photograph by Weegee on the cover, has versions of the Batman and Pink Panther themes as well as lots of short noisy thrashy tracks. It also features one of my favourite other musicians Yamatsuka Eye (of the Boredoms and Hanatarash) who's vocals sound like he's just stepped out of a cartoon soundtrack. If you don't like the noise: John Zorn works on everything from 'easy listening' through masada rock to string quartets and composing for films.

I also just wanted to put some music other than strummy guitar on a surfing site! (Not that I can't handle a bit of Half Japanese or Daniel Johnston for example...) Here's a clip of Naked City:


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