Surfing Bad No.2: Dings

Second time out on my new board and my board has it's first ding!

As I walked out of the water at Woolacombe, after a messy surf and a lot of dragging the board behind me on the leash as I walked against the strong current, I noticed a bit of damage to the rail near one of the fins. A ding. What!!!? Second time out! Noooooooooooooooo! And thought I'd been treating this board like a Ming Vase - desperately ensuring that the only solid object it touched was my board bag. I think the most likely explanation was that the leash snagged around the board as it was tossed around behind me in the whitewater.

So: back to Surfed Out then, for help and advice, where Ross quickly patched it up with a bit of Sun Cure resin.

When you ding your board the first thing is to make sure it's waterproof again. The easiest method of repair is a smear of resin to cover minor dings/cracks. All you have to do is know whether the resin on your board is polyester or epoxy and apply the correct resin. My Hawaiian Soul board is polyester. What I didn't know is that (depending on how sunny it is) Sun Cure can be dry and ready to surf again in a matter of minutes!
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