Beauty No.2: The Smells of Surfing (Part 2)

I had prior experience of enjoying the wetsuit smell, however, I was unprepared for the wonderful aroma of the wax.  Mr Zogs Sex Wax was always a curious object of desire for me as it wasn't used in windsurfing, it is an attractive product (nice design and intriguing name) and it's strapline "The Best for Your Stick" never failed to tickle the humour spot in me whilst a teenager. (To now find that they make a wax called "Quick Humps" quickly rekindles that emotion.)

The smell of the wax permeated our flat when I got the board home, a kind of surfers' potpourri. Now I have to unzip my board bag now and again specially for a delicious whiff of it.

All this delirious sniffing keeps reminding me of Jean Baptiste-Grenouille (from Patrick Suskind's Perfume), I just hope my evolving passion for surfing doesn't lead me to the dark side!


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